Dummy, pacifier, binky, soother … call them what you will, you probably have a few questions about them. At least once a week online and at every talk I ever do, I get the same questions on dummies. Many parents wonder about the value of dummies, if they should be used at all, how they impact sleep and when to get rid of them.

The value of dummies

It is well known that the mouth is full of touch receptors and is a zone of great comfort for little ones. As early as the second trimester of pregnancy, babies start to suck on their thumbs. So I believe, without any hesitation, that babies need to be able to use their mouth to sooth. There are three ways a baby can do this – they can suck on the breast for comfort, suck their thumb or suck a dummy. So my advice is do not stop your baby from sucking – rather guide them into sucking something that works for you and them.

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Posted by:Jessica Anderson

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