When we think of the early skills that prepare young children for academic success, we often think of things like math or early literacy skills.

It’s true that a child’s preschool math skills predict their success in that subject later on, just as their early literacy skills predict their later reading ability. But imagine a skill that affects much more than its own success. Imagine a “super skill” that sets the stage for young children to succeed in many different areas. Does such a skill exist? According to new research it does, and it’s right under our noses – language.

View more at: http://www.hanen.org/Helpful-Info/Articles/The–Super-Skill–for-School-Readiness.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2oQXdjg4BxzDdRcmdcM0vpdSLE3EP_SMlx-hHF83bYE1fG0Go2fitLCvw

Posted by:Jessica Anderson

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